Nanostics in the Media

ARTICLE - 08.10.2019

Our ClarityDX Prostate clinical validation study is expanding into the US with Century Clinical Research, Inc.

The Nanostics & APCaRI co-sponsored ClarityDX Prostate clinical validation study is expanding into the US by opening the Daytona Beach, Florida Century Clinical Research, Inc. recruitment site.

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ARTICLE - 27.05.2019

Nanostics and DynaLIFE productive partnership - video interview with Edmonton Journal

CSO Desmond Pink discusses Nanostics' productive partnership with DynaLIFE Medical labs’ Translational Research Program- a key relationship to bring ClarityDX to market.

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ARTICLE - 06.05.2019

Nanostics highlighted as a company developing better tests in En Route magazine article

Flying with @AirCanada? Pick up En Route magazine and read "19 Canadian Start-ups That Are Out to Change the World." Written by Danielle Groen and illustrated by Martina Paukova.

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ARTICLE - 07.01.2019

ClarityDX Prostate is one of five top picks for mind-blowing technologies and treatments in 2018

Global Edmonton Health reporter Su-Ling Goh highlighted 5 amazing medical technologies and treatments from Edmonton research teams and ClarityDX Prostate was one of them!

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ARTICLE - 26.07.2018

A Less Invasive Route to Test For Prostate Cancer

Alberta scientists, at Nanostics, have created a blood test that could make a significant impact in the way patients are tested and treated for prostate cancer.

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ARTICLE - 28.05.2018

Funding to develop technology that will detect prostate cancer earlier

EDMONTON — Alberta Innovates, the Alberta Cancer Foundation and DynaLIFE have joined together to help commercialize Alberta-owned innovations...

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ARTICLE - 26.06.2017

Startup Nanostics preparing launch of blood-based biomarker test for prostate cancer

A new diagnostic will allow men to bypass painful biopsies to test for aggressive prostate cancer.

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ARTICLE - 14.06.2017

New blood test uses nanotechnology to predict prostate cancer

A new diagnostic will allow men to bypass painful biopsies to test for aggressive prostate cancer.

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ARTICLE - 06.06.2017

U of A uses nanotechnology to develop new test for aggressive prostate cancer

Alberta men diagnosed with prostate cancer could soon have a better blood test to help determine if they can bypass a painful and invasive biopsy.

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ARTICLE - 22.05.2017

Could there soon be a better way to protect against prostate cancer?

The PSA test for prostate cancer has been linked to unnecessary treatments and biopsies. That’s prompted researchers to start developing a more accurate prostate cancer detection tool.

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ARTICLE - 04.06.2019

Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry: U of A spin-off company Nanostics launches clinical validation study for ClarityDX Prostate

NEWS STAFF REPORT: Blood test predicts aggressive prostate cancer with greater accuracy and less patient discomfort.

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ARTICLE - 27.06.2019

Prostate Cancer News Today: Nanostics Launches Pivotal Study to Validate ClarityDX Prostate Diagnostic Test.

Ana Pena wrote for the Prostate Cancer News Today: The company says the diagnostic tool has the potential to spare many men unnecessary biopsies and treatments.

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ARTICLE - 03.10.2019

Nanostics featured on Alberta Impact Episode 5 with Bryce Lambert

1 of 7 Canadian men is diagnosed with prostate cancer each year. We cannot emphasize enough on how important it is to get tested each year. Nanostics has come up with a non-invasive diagnostic test to bring clarity to healthcare decisions. Their core technology is in development to be able to diagnose prostate cancer from a simple blood test.

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ARTICLE - 15.01.2020

Validation of ClarityDX Prostate as a Reflex Test to Refine Prediction of Clinically Significant Prostate Cancer: ID: NCT03957252

Clinical study to validate ClarityDX Prostate as a reflex test to high PSA levels to refine prediction of clinically significant prostate cancer has begun in a prospective cohort of 2800 men.

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Publication Date: 06.11.2019

Cowpea mosaic virus nanoparticles for cancer imaging and therapy

Nanoparticle platforms are attractive for theranostic applications due to their multifunctionality and multivalency. Some of the most promising nano-scale scaffolds have been co-opted from nature, such as the cowpea mosaic virus (CPMV). What makes CPMV so promising? They are non-infectious and nontoxic to humans and safe for use in intravital imaging and drug delivery. Click on the link to read more.

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Author: Perrin Beatty and John Lewis
Publication Date: 22.05.2019

PROSPeCT: A Predictive Research Online System for Prostate Cancer Tasks

We are pleased to present PROSPeCT, a user-friendly online clinical information system that offers an efficient way to query APCaRIs ( robust and expanding patient database to generate relevant and accurate results. Read the details in our article published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology - Clinical Cancer Informatics. Thank you to the Alberta Cancer Foundation and many others for their support.

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Publication Date: 04.10.2018

Intravital imaging tumor screen used to identify novel metastasis-blocking therapeutic targets

This is a micro-review of an original research article from the Lewis research group that identified multiple novel metastasis-blocking targets, by using a whole genome screen and intravital imaging approach, that could be used as therapeutic targets to inhibit solid tumour cell motility.

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Author: Konstantin Stoletov, Lian Willetts, Perrin H. Beatty, and John D. Lewis

Our Achievements

ARTICLE - 24.09.2018

BioAlberta Recognizes Alberta Innovators and Entrepreneurs at 2018 Awards Gala

CALGARY, Alberta — At its 2018 awards gala, BioAlberta, the province’s life sciences industry association, recognized two leaders for their innovation and achievements. BioAlberta congratulates Circle Cardiovascular Imaging Inc. for winning its Company of the Year award and Dr. John Lewis for winning its Scientific Achievement and Innovation Award.

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ARTICLE - 29.08.2018


Dr. John Lewis is the winner of the University of Alberta-TEC Edmonton Falling Walls Venture Competition which earned him entrance to the Falling Walls Finale Competition (the International Conference on Future Breakthroughs in Science and Society) which will be held in Berlin this November. Some travel expenses will be paid for.

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