At Nanostics our focus is on the development of novel and non-invasive diagnostic tests to help better manage disease.

Our core technology diagnoses disease from a single drop of blood by combining a highly sensitive extracellular vesicle detection platform with advanced machine learning algorithms.

The Challenge:

Each drop of blood carries billions of messages with critical information.

This wealth of information is transmitted throughout our bodies via the bloodstream using a sophisticated extracellular vesicle messaging system.

It is a monumental challenge to detect and decipher these messages to better diagnose and manage the treatment of disease.

Our Solution:

Our technology can read and decipher information from millions of particles in a single drop of blood with unprecedented accuracy.

Our non-invasive and cost-effective technology combines advanced flow cytometry with sophisticated machine learning algorithms to provide more timely and accurate information that can be used to better manage disease.

Our novel technology is applicable to a wide range of diseases, including prostate, brain,
pancreatic and blood cancers
as well as cardiovascular and neuro- degenerative diseases.

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Our lead product, ClarityDx Prostate, is the most accurate diagnostic test to diagnose aggressive prostate cancer and is positioned to emerge as the world’s leading diagnostic tool to transform the management of prostate cancer.

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Our success would not be possible without the support of our manycollaborators, funders and partners in Canada and internationally.